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grand corbeau envergure

Reliable and accountable. Their voice is difficult to mimic. It is called the trickster by first nations people on the west is important to first nations is important to ecology and is likely our most intelligent is now nesting in Southern Ontario in Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula. of Contents. Oh, there may be more beautiful and mellifluous contenders, but no other bird can really make so quintessential a Canadian case. I chose the Common Raven for various reasons. J'adore cet oiseau discret que l'on confond trop souvent avec la corneille. (Liverpool, NS), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Michael Bickerton He'll take the easy found food, hunt his own, or puzzle out how to open more unusual treats like nuts or shellfish. All qualities found in Canada! A tiny bucket of meat was placed inside a pipe, and two pieces of wire were left in their cage, one hooked and one straight. (Kingston, ON), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Patricia Whynot But there is a reason that First Nations made the Raven the central figure in so many stories. They are a strong bird, a survivor. I love the Raven. Raven is me. (Danville, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par LiseLucie Roy Un de nos oiseaux les plus intelligents aussi symbole important de nos premières nations. Marie, ON), — Soumis le 1/30/2015 par Sam Nesbitt They keep to themselves. . Raven coaxed the first people out of the clamshell. (Yellowknife, NT), — Soumis le 2/19/2015 par Caroline Morel This bird ranges across our country and thus is a familiar resident across our country. Do we want a symbol evoking remote beauty or one that embodies intelligence, humor, sociability, and ambiguity. The raven is the trickiest, smartest bird around, complete with luscious blue-black wings and an uncanny ability to mimic sounds of humans, machines and dogs - and Canada would do well to choose a bird that has a sense of humour. A definite tenant of this gorgeous land of ours, Canada. It is revered in native custom and the focus of artists, poets and writers. Il reste parmi nous toute l'année. Their flying ability is second to none. (Hamilton, ON), — Soumis le 1/29/2015 par Eunice de Gruchy For me, the link of the raven to indigenous people of Canada always promotes a mysterious, wise and spiritual image. The Raven is extremely intelligent and creative being able to adapt to The varied geographic habitats within Canada. (Breslau, ON), — Soumis le 2/23/2015 par Blair Welch All Rights Reserved. Smart, underestimated and yet persistent in doing what is in our natures; unfazed by popularity contests and secure in the knowledge of who we are. (Sardis, BC), — Soumis le 2/7/2015 par Isabelle Godin If I were given a choice of what animal I would be it would be the Raven. With its eerie, resonant call spanning across valleys and mountains,many Canadians have been in the presence of this national beauty. Though it doesn't sound like a particularly "Canadian" bird, the Raven is one of the birds which can be found in all provinces and territories, unlike many of the birds up for vote. Looks good, sounds great, smart. Smart resourceful spiritual rugged survivor. They are vocal mimics and sometimes, I wonder just what creature I am hearing, if indeed it is not a ghost. Smart too. A ubiquitous northern bird. The Raven has always been a big part of Canada, including in Aboriginal culture, something that should definitely be represented when choosing a national anything. (Sayabec, QC), — Soumis le 1/25/2015 par Benjamin Jewiss It is certainly a native bird! Poids : 1000 à 1300 grammes (Vegreville, AB), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Mary Somers (Scarborough, ON), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Cynthia Nilsson They're smart, resourceful and they are survivors. He is a very smart bird. C'est un oiseau intelligent, perspicace et tenace. Mon voilier se nomme le White Raven et arbore fièrement l'image totémique traditionnelle du Grand corbeau peinte par un artiste Haïda. (Cobble Hill, BC), — Soumis le 1/30/2015 par Elizabeth Rees Being a large sized bird, it can as a group protect themselves, as well as fend of its enimies. (Terrebone, QC), — Soumis le 2/14/2015 par Daniel Tessier His heralded calls personify the Canadian North. (Canning, NS), — Soumis le 1/15/2015 par Thomas Adams It would seem to me that Canada, being a large part of the Circumpolar countries, would do well to chose such a bird as the Raven which is so well thought of by so many other people in the Raven's home. (St Catharines, ON), — Soumis le 6/10/2015 par Jesse Malcolm I'd take that over being pretty and fragile any day. The habitat of the Common Raven encompasses the entirety of Canada from coast, to coast, to coast, making it an ideal choice as the bird to represent "all" of Canada. The Raven is wise, uncommonly intuitive/inquisitive, with a keen eye for detail, & a very pronounced sense of humour . Going further will not add to that recognition, so I find that choice too "safe". This trickster from many aboriginal stories deserves our greatest respect and I would be proud to have ravens as a symbol of canadian strength, intelligence, resiliency and family orientation. (Toronto, ON), — Soumis le 2/21/2015 par Allen Rose I grown up in the Arctic and all year round, Ravens are always stay and lay their eggs during winter. Too bad it is not as cute as a snowy owl or a loon, otherwise it would be a sure winner. Known for its incredible intelligence, resourcefulness and adaptability, the raven is a constant source of awe and amusement wherever it is found. (when I'm out working in the yard, they triangulate around me & my property & if there is any danger at all, they sound the alarm. There, after I stopped drifting, I was introduced to many nuanced ideas of the natural world, as well as both eloquent and awkward functioning realities. The Raven is the best possible symbol of what we Canadians SHOULD be. It is wild but yet a well adapted urbanite. The raven is the trickster, but has importance in mythologies all over the world, so it is both an indigenous and world-wide symbol. (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 1/25/2015 par Chris Banner This bird embodies the spirit and culture that we humans aspire to. Then he or she would let it fall from her grasp and the others would take turns swooping in and tumbling end over end with the stick as it fell past us toward the floor of the canyon. Smart, resilient, well traveled, clever, and loyal to the area they claim. In Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon poem, is written " . They knew the Raven was special and they honored it in their mythology. (Kelowna, BC), — Soumis le 6/3/2015 par Kathy Guenkel Please give the Raven consideration, as it is a very useful bird, not just a pretty bird to look at. The raven. Where Raven is there is magic! When I think of the north country, I think of the cold north wind, I think of Raven in her element! Apparently, raven society is a bit like 18th-century England: food, mating privileges and protection are all distributed within strictly defined hierarchies. (Sainte-Therese de Blainville, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par Diane Cloutier x, En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies pour vous proposer des services et des offres adaptés à vos centres d’intérêts. Intelligent, social and vocal. They fascinate me. And, on a practical note, a Raven easy to draw and color for maps, logos, etc. (Sudbury, ON), — Soumis le 8/27/2015 par Jennifer DeRocco The raven is undoubtedly the Border Collie of the Canadian bird world, should unquestionably be our national bird, exuding longevity, intelligence and endurance. (Hong Kong, BC), — Soumis le 3/15/2015 par Darcy Brown It that smart house at Hogwarts! Clearly the right choice.Mike Waddell. Crows demonstrate elements of conscious decision making, and many times I have watched as they carefully select and measure before leaving with their bounty. THE NORTH SHALL RISE AGAIN! And, yes, we have ravens in southern Saskatchewan, I watch them post guards while the partner goes through the dumpster. It can be found all over Canada in the mountains on the prairies and along the coasts. They care for one another. Negatively, the raven represents the profane, the devil, evil spirits, the trickster and thief, the void, yet, in many cultures the raven symbolizes the mystery of the unknown, creation, healing, wisdom, protection, and prophecy. Simple yet mesmerizing with its slick, black plumage, the raven is a social bird and highly adaptable to humans and their busy lives - yet is most at home in the quiet wilderness. Ravens are one of the only bird species that exhibit the act of play. I played a raven, enacting several indigenous tales of the north. Canada wide and means a lot to Frist Nation peoples. Raven is playful — makes toys! the Raven is a symbol of wilderness,sagacious and adaptable,skilled as an aerial gymnast,many credit them with supernatural powers,traditionally pictured as a dour and somber bird.he sometimes seems to challenge hawks in the air, easily avoiding each pass, they show enough boldness to mob golden eagles and rout such fierce birds as gyrfalcons - in these encounters "corax " usually wins. The raven is with us all year., GO RAVENS: VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN FOR CANADA’S NATIONAL BIRDPower-outage-causing symbol of Yellowknife is on the ballot, but needs your support to win, Despite the raven’s mere 1,000 votes, the bird is getting some illustrious support. It is abundant in every province and territory 12 months a year. So too did their old-world cousins, the Celts, Romans, Scandinavians and Siberian tribes to name a few. Ravens are super intelligent and are more likely to interact with humans. (Fairview, AB), — Soumis le 2/8/2015 par Tahirih Goffic (Musquodoboit Harbour, NS), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Jacob Weise Ravens are considered royal birds. The raven's range extends all the way across Canada. It is a beautiful bird and very intelligent, majestic, mysterious and resourceful. (Squamish, BC), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Michael Cutler (Montréal, QC), — Soumis le 2/11/2015 par Andrea Mayer Smart with an amazing vocal range - although I would not call a Raven a song bird. (Vancouver, BC), — Soumis le 3/1/2015 par Tanya Jenkins Because Ravens are extremely versatile birds, they are able to easily co exist with Humanity & have adapted well to our civilizations. They are intelligent, often working together to achieve goals - like teasing cats and dogs. Despite the raven’s mere 1,000 votes, the bird is getting some illustrious support. (Gatineau, QC), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par John Latour (Waterloo, ON), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Florence Roberts L'intelligence des corbeaux ne cesse d'être étudié et ne cesse d'épater les chercheurs. (Markham, ON), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Don Tyerman So too did their old-world cousins, the Celts, Romans, Scandinavians and Siberian tribes to name a few. Le corbeau est l'oiseau des grands espaces et des forêts profondes, tout à fait à l'image du pays.Il est aussi un oiseau extrèmement original par son intelligence très développée.Il est beau avec sa tenue de soirée permanente et ne se prend pas pour un autre.Son cri est particulier et j'admire son caractère enjoué. A beautiful, intelligent animal. I think Canada should adopt the Common raven as its national bird. The common raven is anything but common - as one of the few species of birds indigenous to Canada which has a natural desire to play, I believe they embody the character of our great Nation gloriously. A bird for all provinces and territories. Every visit there, I would listen to 15-30 ravens chatter and talk. This is a very intelligent and beautiful bird that shows what Canada should be about. This bird is tough, smart, adaptable and unique! It's no wonder First Nations peoples thought of the raven as their brother. (Cantley, QC), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Elisabeth Beaubien Corvus corax, also known as the northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids. Lifetime pair bonds, co-operative activities, problem/puzzle solving skillsand an extraordinary language in spring = they visit with each other!First Nations peoples have known these things for thousands of years. Many people wax poetic about the loon’s yodelling call but can that song be heard from December until ice-out? Quand on s’y intéresse, c’est un oiseau magnifique et fascinant. It is omnivorous - it will do what it needs to do to survive. And finally, although there is the American poet, Edgar Allan Poe's wonderful poem The Raven. Do magpies mow down large swaths of forests to wipe their ass? C'est de loin mon oiseau préféré depuis toujours! Its intelligence is also well established. The Raven is a tough, smart, self-sufficient bird who is with us all year even through the winter. There is beauty in the gloss of the blue/black feathers that adorn him. The raven has unparalleled intelligence and cuts a formidable presence. It's the same with birds. Il a été éliminé dans les plaines d'une partie de l'Europe occidentale et centrale. (Vancouver, BC), — Soumis le 2/1/2015 par Darlene Edvall From the first Thule hunters to the Newfoundlanders of today travelling to Alberta to hunt and gather work, it has been the Canadian's lot to scour the land for opportunity, and then to bring home a tall tale or two. `Tough, resourceful and intelligent. The Common Raven has wide distribution across Canada and has significance among First Nations cultures. Intelligent, creative, courageous; the Raven perfectly symbolizes the unassuming strength of the Canadian soul. I have never doubted their awareness of my presence, nor do I now. It stays in Canada year round. Intelligent, répandu a travers le Canada, chant particulier. This should definitely be Canada's bird. But, what is distinctive about it is its reverence in first nation Canadians' culture. Wong, and Whitehorse city councillor John Streicker, are trying to get Northerners to vote en masse for the northern bird. Intelligence, for just as Canadians need to uphold a reputation as level-headed world leaders, relative to more powerful nations, the raven is clever and tactful, even if one recently tampered with evidence at a Vancouver crime scene. (Hamilton, ON), — Soumis le 2/26/2015 par Zachary E Ted Harrison), and they're big and can outdo the bald eagle. C'est un grand oiseau fort, noble et intelligent. Le corbeau est un animal respecté par les amérindiens pour son intelligence et son adaptabilité plus, il doit être protégé.Merci. I'm in a hurry and running late. The Raven is a year round resident in every province and territory in Canada as well as the far north. The only creature that is found in an arctic winter and is black, not white! One of the things I love is the sound of its wings overhead as I am gardening. Many of the feats of common ravens were formerly argued to be stereotyped innate behaviour, but it now has been established that their aptitudes for solving problems individually and learning from each other reflect a flexible capacity for intelligent insight unusual among non-human animals. (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Peter Campbell It has a very musical voice, not a songbird voice, but very pleasant all the same. Snack budget went up a fair bit, but the joy we got from interacting with them was well worth is. It features in our Native stories and has ties to all parts of Canada. It is a survivor, making do with what it can scavenge. Do magpies drain wetlands to put up a shopping center. Ravens can live from 15 to 40 years and generally mate for life. That raven really must have had a good chuckle at my expense. (Sudbury, ON), — Soumis le 10/26/2015 par Bruce Mackenzie They take no flack from anyone or anything. Any bird that plays just because they can, outwits the family pet, can imitate noises and can even outwit humans gets my vote for National Bird of Canada. (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 12/8/2015 par Elaine Mellor One such box, which was given to Seagull, contained all the light of the world. It is non-aggressive with other birds, and is a magnificent soarer. Well do magpies drive gas guzzling vehicles spewing oil on the ground? The Raven is quietly persistent, unlike the Canada Goose for example and id one of our most intelligent birds - unlike many of your other candidates and their choices. They have been observed breaking off twigs to play with socially. It speaks to us in all seasons, not just the winter. Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy Our religion, morality and philosophy are decadent institutions. (Vancouver, BC), — Soumis le 1/12/2016 par Laura Dollard A bird esteemed by natives, thought to be intelligent and mischievous, but it is not a raptor. Since whiskey jack was not on the list, I believe that these birds are extremely intelligent and are found across Canada. (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Hans Smedbol Well they can survive winter weather and I feed them cat food that I soak in water so they can digest it better. (Tofino, BC), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Bridgett Howard They evoke a special sense of place. (Whitehorse, YT), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Krystal Kempton Anyone who has seen the aerobatic displays of ravens, often given as a display to us as audience, will attest to their agility, power and imagination. As unappealing as the Raven is to some people because it associated with some undesirable traits the Raven has many qualities that are similar to humans [both good and bad]. Unlike the crow, the raven is a shy bird. Here is a poem on it: Ravens,Beautiful,peaceful,Flying,Chirping,Singing,it should be the national bird,bird. I would like to vote for the raven, as it is common in all Canadian provinces & territories (including Nunavut! (Preeceville, SK), — Soumis le 4/13/2015 par Wendy Morton A true Canadian bird which understands both official languages! It is a resident bird that stays here all year, unlike those treacherous migrants who abandon Canada when the going gets tough. ENVERGURE. How can he not be Canada's National Bird? Il est identifiable principalement, outre par sa taille, par son bec massif bien visible en vol et par son plumage entièrement noir généralement ébouriffé au niveau de la gorge. What a sight they are, their black bodies against the white snow, or by the green color of the Red Pine or Poplar trees. The oldest raven would take a piece, and then the others would join in. Most importantly though, the Raven is a powerful symbol of Canada's first nations, figuring prominently in native stories and myths from coast to coast to coast. This bird is also probably the most intelligent of the group, and is a major player in our indigenous peoples' lore. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful, it doesn't have to be the most iconic - but it is, in a very real way, the most human. The raven, while not specific to Canada, is quite universal here, while bird like the Atlantic Puffin while being pretty specific to Canada, Not really relatable to anyone except the far East Coast. (London, ON), — Soumis le 10/9/2015 par Jake Elleker Ravens have coexisted with humans for thousands of years and in some areas have been so numerous that people have regarded them as pests. Raven are a truly northern bird, withstaning northern winter and summer weather too. (Saguenay, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par Serge Landes (Marietta, GA), — Soumis le 6/29/2015 par David McClelland (Morden, MB), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Louise Laperrière When Raven became tired of carrying the stone and ped it, the stone fell into the ocean and expanded until it formed the firmament on which humans now live. They are perhaps more common in northern parts of Canada and rural areas - that is, iconic Canadian places. Ravens are all those things. Crows are everywhere, crows have a distinctive sound, crows are with us and of us all the time. And the call of the raven is an experience shared by all who venture onto the Canadian landscape, whether on the rocky lakes of Algonquin Park, the rainforest of the Haida Gwaii or the barren tundra of Ellesmere Island. (Water Valley, AB), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Terrence Bekolay I believe a bird that represents Canada should be found throughout as much of Canada as possible. (kamloops, BC), — Soumis le 8/20/2015 par Heather Looy Access supplemental materials and multimedia. It stays around in the winter4. I have been awakened by the on lake and rivers in Ontario's north, BC's interior, the Yukon and the Northwest territories. Raven’s resourcefulness, intelligence and geographic range speak to this, an amazing bird! (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 1/25/2015 par Berry Tibbitt The common raven is a bird that has featured widely in aboriginal legends and folklore. While the loon has a beautiful voice and the sound of it immediately brings a quiet, northern lake to mind - and that may be where you are when you hear it - we've already given this fowl our dollar. (Weagamow Lake, ON), — Soumis le 7/28/2016 par bridgett howard Ravens are constantly cleaning up, whether its dead debre or others carbage. Last summer the pair succeeded in raising two chicks who hung about our house, walking on the roof and pecking at the sky light. The Common Raven survives in many environments and is adaptable. (Etobicoke, ON), — Soumis le 1/18/2015 par Kathy LaBrash But, you must admire our smart, beautiful and talented Raven. (Jasper, AB), — Soumis le 3/22/2015 par Lorie j Taylor Leech Their range covers more of Canada than the loon, and they're certainly far more interesting. Nombre de couvaisons : généralement une ponte. To Native Americans, it is guardian of ceremonial magic and healing circles. -29c cold January morning, a big black bird flew over the road and I knew by then that the raven is and will be Canadian for sure as It one of the rare bird to stick around with us to live through the Canadian winter. Isn't that how Canadians are viewed. parce que c'est un oiseau intelligent que l'on retrouve partout au Canada. And of course, our indigenous brothers and sisters have many stories to tell about the raven. GO RAVENS: VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN FOR CANADA’S NATIONAL BIRDfrom, Picture this: it’s bird prom night and over 450 different species are squawking their way around the gymnasium ahead of the big announcement of bird prom king or queen. They are also one of only a few wild animals who make their own toys. Unlike crows, raven has never lost its dignity. Famille : corvidés (Penticton, BC), — Soumis le 2/1/2015 par Pamela Woodland (Kirkland Lake, ON), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Suzanne Lacroix Le Arfand des neige est l'emblème du Québec donc je ne vois pas l'utilité d'avoir le même oiseau pour emblème. And it is a bird that crosses the boarder into the United States, south to the lower States and north into Alaska - reflecting Canadian value of wanting to have relations with adjoining nations. (Burnaby, BC), — Soumis le 5/22/2015 par Areesh K I see them at the cottage and their mournful croaking as they fly across the lake on a misty morning is a very evocative scene, typify ingredients my love for the region. They are truly fascinating and humankind can learn so much from their own culture and how they rely and defend each other. 4. Its history as an Aboriginal creation myth figure would make it well suited to a bird representing our nation, as it would be a respectful nod to their, now our, cultural heritage. (Canmore, AB), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Karen Attwell A family bird who mates for life and actively defends its yound and territory. They are bigger than crows and can scare the daylights out of weaker beings. They have a long tradition in first nations mythology for being clever. institution. They are both big black noisy birds but there the similarity ends. (Summerland, BC), — Soumis le 2/8/2015 par Bryan Smith (Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, QC), — Soumis le 2/11/2015 par Robert Gamble My vote will continue to support the raven as long as possible. (York, PE), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Susan Rae (Fairview, AB), — Soumis le 2/6/2015 par Willa Slater It is present in urban and rural areas of Canada, making it one of the most visible examples of bird species in Canada. Raven - trickster and transformer ... a bird that surprises.Large in first peoples' legends.Intelligent, strong and social.Occurs across Canada ... the more remote, the more likelyWhat's not to like. The Raven suits Canada because it has fun loving attitude, it is frightfully smart. They have been observed breaking off twigs to play with socially. ©2000-2020 ITHAKA. The raven is indigenous to all parts of Canada, and is iconic in the ancestral lore of the Aboriginal people as the shaper of the world. Does our symbol need to be beautiful or have a nice song or even taste good? (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 8/20/2015 par Karen Breaker It is found in all parts of the country, especially where there is little human occupation. Noah Richler, son of Mordecai Richler, has come to its defense on the Canadian Geographical Society website: “Above all, Raven is resourceful, a survivor, as the territory compels most Canadians to be… [The] tendency — to take to the road out of necessity and then return home and relate the things he’s seen — is an atavistic Canadian one of hunting and gathering. As noted above, it is an outstanding bird, and like us, is commonly found throughout Canada and throughout the year. Ravens are sleek, powerful birds, and great problem solvers! Raven is not pretty, elegant or graceful, though we know him to be smart and mischievous, and do not generally demonize the bird — as, for instance, many Scots have done since, in 1424, King James I decreed it to be vermin. (Montreal, QC), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Ela Cholewa Compte tenu qu'il s'agit d'un oiseaux pouvant résider à l'année au Canada, qu'il est présent sur l'ensemble du territoire canadien, qu'il est l'un des oiseaux les plus intelligents et ingénieux et qu'il était vénéré par les peuples des premieres-nations, je crois qu'il ferait un très bon candidat pour le rôle d'emblème du Canada. They're resourceful, adaptive, and curious. I see a lot of votes for the lack-caped chickadee. It's got such a great call - sounds like a person yelling. It is a bird of great importance to First Nations peoples. Soon Raven was bored with these creatures and decided to search for the female counterparts of these male beings. They sounded so much like a pair of gossips that I had to learn more. No province has selected the Raven as a provincial bird, like the loon in Ontario. The meaning behind that choice is far more important. I learned a few raven calls and when doing the show, ravens would often perch and watch, or sometimes walk across the stage, and would communicate back in their language. The Raven in my mind wins by a landslide. This is the most integrated bird in the WHOLE country. Ravens to me are a symbol of wide open wild spaces all over Canada, convey freedom and power and the resilience of the spirit of the people who have faced hardships here (in the environment and socially & culturally). Does any other national bird candidate center its continental range to virtually the entire country? The boxes held such things as mountains, fire, water, wind and seeds for all the plants. Que ce soit en Gaspésie, à Rimouski ou dans l'ouest, il est toujours là pour dire que la nature est florissante et qu'elle est précieuse pour toutes les espèces qui partage le même écosystème. Anyone who takes even a few moments to watch this bird will know, however, how uncommonly intelligent and resourceful this bird can be. (Miller Lake, ON), — Soumis le 2/21/2015 par Cynthia Villiard It has special significance in the aboriginal community. Sacred to native people and Europeans. (Whitby, ON), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Jan Swinburne Il n'est pas populaire, il gagne à être connu. I once had a job doing water testing and would frequent a spot near a landfill. Among many other reasons (including strength, beauty and intelligence), it would be great to honour our native people through having the raven as our national bird. From sea . The common raven is a bird that is seen almost everywhere. (Prince Rupert, BC), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Kevin Barranoik Once they left the nest, it came down.Fortunately for us, the mating pair, moved to a large tree across the street and would come to our yard when we were out. We should be honoured if Raven were to accept being our national bird. (Toronto, ON), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Jennifer Peddlesden I think the Raven would be a great bird for Canada. Si l'animal est encore trop vif, ses ailes de grande envergure le font patienter dans le ciel avant de s'abattre pour la curée. It is not as pestering as the crow, nor as arrogant as the eagle.

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